Manning accuser meets with prosecutors

The ex-hacker who grassed up Bradley Manning for handing over a document cache to Wikileaks is going to meet with prosecutors for the first time.

Apparently, Adrian Lamo has not been needed to provide any evidence in the case. It was his comments to Wired magazine that led to Manning’s arrest.

Lamo told Wired that it was the first time he had met with the prosecution, nearly a year after the case kicked off.

Wired reported the meeting as being set for June 2 and 3 in Washington. Wired pointed out that Manning’s mental state has now been assessed and concluded that at the time of the alleged offenses,  Manning was mentally fit.

Lamo, who admitted to cracking the New York Times, had just been the subject of two stories at and Manning had a few chats with him.

In the chats, Manning bragged he was responsible for leaking vast amounts of classified material to WikiLeaks, including the “Collateral Murder” video of a helicopter attack in Iraq and a database of a quarter-million U.S. State Department diplomatic cables.

Lamo said that he was concerned that the leaking might put lives at risk, tipped off the Army and the FBI about Manning’s claims and turned over the logs of their online chats.

Lamo claims he has weekly telephone contact with someone he called a “handler” at the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command. It must be nice to have that level of attention for once, but Lamo said it has not all been good.

Lamo says an unexpected package addressed to him showed up at his parents’ house in Northern California with a note signed by an “Angry Man”

The bomb squad had a look at it, and it turned out it was a “Guy Fawkes mask.”