Man who shut down San Francisco will be jailed

The man who shut down San Francisco’s network because he was trying to protect his work from the fools that wanted to fire him has been jailed for four years.

Terry Childs set up an elaborate password system to prevent other city officials from tinkering with his beloved network which he was largely responsible for creating.

Not surprisingly he fell out with his managers and was fired. But he refused to hand over the passwords “protecting” the network from his manager’s inexpert tinkering.

In the end it took an unofficial visit from the San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom to convince Childs to hand over the passwords.

According to the Mercury News  Childs was sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted in April on one felony count of denying or disrupting computer services to an authorised user.

During the trial, Childs’ lawyer argued that his client was trying to protect the network from security problems and there was some talk that he might escape jail.

However it didn’t happen and they chucked the book at him.