Malware targets Human Resources

Malware makers have come up with a wizard wheeze to make sure that their poisoned attachments are opened.

They are making their emails appear like job applications and the malware is contained in a poisoned CV.

Although malware has been around for ages, it appears that the crooks are finally working out that there are attachments that some companies do open without question. Human Resources will always open a CV for example.

Now the US Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning that hackers are searching the internet for online job postings to send their poisoned applications.

Recently, more than $150,000 was stolen from a US business via unauthorised wire transfer as a result of an e-mail the business received that contained malware,The ICCC said.

In that case the malware was embedded in an e-mail response to a job posting the business placed on an employment website and allowed the attacker to obtain the online banking credentials of the person who was authorised to conduct financial transactions within the company.

The hacker hanged the account settings to allow the sending of wire transfers, one to the Ukraine and two to domestic accounts. The malware was ia Bredolab variant, svrwsc.exe. This malware was connected to the ZeuS/Zbot Trojan, which is commonly used by cyber criminals to defraud US businesses.

The FBI warned that employers needed to be very careful when it came to opening the e-mails of perspective employees. Running a virus scan prior to opening any e-mail attachments may provide an added layer of security against this type of attack.

The Untouchables think that it is better for businesses to use separate computer systems to conduct financial transactions.