Malware targets early iPad users

Apple’s much-hyped tablet magic brick, the iPad, is already becoming the target of malware according to a new report from BitDefender.

A bogus email will land in inboxes and tell iPad users that they need to update to the latest version of iTunes via their PC, taking the innocent, naive and unlucky to a perfect replica page of the iTunes software download page. Then Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY, the malware in question, plonks itself into the ‘explorer.exe’.

It then opens up a backdoor which allows for complete control over the targeted system. It will quietly run a program to harvest serial numbers of software installed. It also logs passwords to MSN Messenger, POP3 email accounts, protected storage and ICQ.

According to BitDefender, it will give Mac users a further reason to feel smug as the malware won’t run on their systems.