Majority of malicious websites are in the USA

A survey by anti-viral software company AVG has revealed that the majority of malicious websites are hosted in the USA – and not in far off places like China.

AVG bases this on the analysis of threats from 110 million global users of its Link Scanner web product over the last six months.

What’s worrying is that there’s an increase in malware sites targeting end users and focusing on stealing identities, banking information and passwords.

Its analysis of the malware sites reveals that 44 percent of corrupt servers are hosted in the USA, followed by Germany and China with only five percent each.

AVG claims the study “shatters the myth” that malware is hosted in countries where e-crime laws are lax.

The company said that during the six month period, half of the servers were online and posing threats one day or less, thus making them harder to track down and shut down.