Lulzsec shuts

Hacking outfit Lulzsec has decided to pull the plug on its operation just as other hackers promised to expose its members’ names and addresses.

Although Lulzsec has not said why it has disbanded, there are some worries that the organisation could be broken by other teams of hackers.

So far the only people to be arrested by coppers have been those who have had their names and addresses published by rival teams of hackers.

Last week, a group of rival hackers had gained access to Lulzsec servers and were planning to grass members up to the cops, unless it shut down. While some of the rival hackers have been targetting groups like Lulzsec and Anonymous because they like the idea of being cops, others hate how the two organisations get publicity without needed to carry out serious hacking operations.

LulzSec took down the FBI, the CIA, the US Senate and electronics giant Sony.

According to AP, as it shut down, Lulzsec released a pile of documents and log-in information apparently gleaned from gaming websites and corporate servers.

These appear to be internal documents from AT&T which talk about its plans for a new wireless broadband network in the US. Not bad to bow out on.

The impact of Lulzsec has yet to be assessed. Certainly it put the fear of god into many of the big corporate networks and government bodies. But most of the hacks were extremely low level and showed up the weak security of the victims rather than the prowess of the attackers.

It is not clear if the hacking community is going to let members of Lulzsec lie low or whether they will eventually be grassed up to the rozzers. Lulzsec made few friends and a lot of enemies.