LulzSec "mastermind" grassed up by Anonymous

While British coppers and the FBI were celebrating the bloke they thought was the mastermind of LulzSec and were preparing to chuck the book at him, it appears that he might have been grassed up by the hacker group Anonymous.

All signs point to the fact that the hacker in the slammer is Ryan Cleary. He has been charged under the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act and is being tied to everything that LulzSec has done.

The only problem is that Cleary was not a member of Lulzsec. His involvement with that group is limited to hosting one of the outfit’s chat groups on his IRC server.

However, Cleary was a member of Anonymous for a while until he tried to arrange a coup and take over the outfit.

Anonymous was furious when Cleary obtained a few of its passwords and targeted the network servers used to keep Anonymous’s websites running.

In a revenge move, Anonymous outed Cleary and published his details online, including his address. It was no doubt this which lead Inspector Knacker of the Yard and the FBI to his home.

LulzSec is run by six people and Cleary is not one of them. According to an Anon member who twittered yesterday, “Ryan has little to do with #LulzSec besides running IRC. All 6 members of @LulzSec are fine and safe.”

Anonymous would consider Cleary’s arrest a result, and provided that he was not able to finger any of them to the cops, his arrest provides the outfit with a damn fine way of keeping its membership in line.

It can threaten to make details public and the cops will arrest them. So coppers appear to have arrested a LulzSec IRC admin who is hated by Anonymous for causing the group to fragment.

Anonymous would be jolly pleased that coppers have arrested a thorn in its side. It is hardly a result that police can be pleased with, and hardly arresting a LulzSec mastermind.

Meanwhile, the rumour is that Lulzsec has a coup of its own to deal with. According to this post, members of Lulzsec have been hacked by another group – TeaMp0isoN. The outfit published a twitter that said they will take down LulzSec’s IRC servers. Anonnews’ IRC server is also reportedly down.

In a statement, TeaMp0isoN said that LulzSec did not represent the real hacking scene. It gave the outfit 48 hours to secure the IRC,  and it didn’t, the group allegedly claims.

The group reportedly said that Lulzsec should stop telling themselves that they are hackers.  TeaMp0isoN has threatened to publish all Lulzsec members including pictures, addresses, passwords, IPs and phone numbers.