Lulzsec is back

Despite the fact that the FBI claims to have arrested its senior members, the hacking collective Lulzsec is back on the attack.

After many months, the group claims to have exposed the accounts of nearly 171,000 miltary members of a dating site.

It appears to be a return to form by the group, which in 2011 put the fear of god into the FBI, CIA, Sony and even PBS.

This time the group has hacked into the dating site and taken emails from members which include those with “” addresses.

The group said it dumped 170,937 email accounts.

Robert Goebel, CEO of Esingles, refused to admit if the hack was real but said that it had carried out a series of security procedures in response.

Goebel does not think the dating site was actually hacked. He said the website was down for some time over the weekend, but that was due to scheduled maintenance. The site only has 140,000 members so some of the names can’t be from the site.

He told AP that site members shouldn’t panic. Even if the hackers were successful, the site’s passwords are encrypted so all accounts are safe.