Lulz takes down CIA

Hacker outfit Lulz security has taken down US spooks, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The outfit’s site went down last night after Lulz said it had launched an attack.

Lulz has claimed responsibility for attacks on the Senate, Sony , News Corp and the US Public Broadcasting System television network. However taking on the US’s premier spy outfit is probably a real feather in its cap.

The CIA site could not be accessed from New York to San Francisco, and Bangalore to London. By this morning its service was sporadic.

The hackers were not be able to access sensitive data. The agency’s public website is not connected to anything very secure. However there is a certain amount of status involved in such an attempt.

It also implies that the CIA’s security is not that good, something that Lulz was busy telling the world+dog about this morning

Lulz Security has defaced websites, posted personal information about customers and site administrators, and disclosed the network configurations of some sites.

Although the group, also known as Lulz Boat, fashions itself more as pranksters and activists than people with sinister intent, its members have been accused of breaking the law and are wanted by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.