London police arrest 19 in cybercrime online banking scam

The London Metropolitan police e-Crime unit has broken up an elaborate cybercrime ring, arresting 19 people involved in a £6 million heist from online bank accounts.

The suspects are accused of hacking into thousands of computers using malware and then stealing money from people’s online bank accounts. The attacks utilised a Zbot trojan called ZeuS, malware that was recently used to attack business social networking site LinkedIn.

ZeuS is a notorious keylogging trojan aimed primarily at stealing bank details. It is usually installed through phishing campaigns, such as on websites like Facebook, or through forced or unauthorised downloads. It has become one of the top trojans, affecting millions of computers, many of which now operate as part of the virus’ extensive botnet.

The arrests, which include 15 men and four women, were made in London after a number of houses were raided on Monday. They are being held in custody and are currently being questioned over their involvement in the cybercrime ring.

The gang are accused of operating for over three months and face charges of suspicion of fraud, money laundering, and a number of offences listed under the Computer Misuse Act.

This is not the first time people have been arrested for using the ZeuS trojan to steal money. In November of last year a couple from Manchester were arrested for the same crime, revealing how dangerous the malware is and how many hackers are currently employing it.