Lightly clad Aussie woman caught US hacker

Pictures of a half naked Aussie woman led to the arrest of a hacker who broke into law enforcement and government websites in the United States.

Higinio Ochoa III was apparently good at breaking into police websites, but when it came to half-naked Australian women he met his Waterloo.

Ochoa, who was a member of an Anonymous off-shoot, has been charged by the FBI with hacking into the websites of at least four US law enforcement websites

The Sydney Morning Herald said he was caught when a headless photo of a bikini-clad woman in Wantirna South, holding a message taunting US authorities, was published online.

According to the FBI, a Twitter account with the name @AnonW0rmer pointed followers to a website where the information lifted from the law enforcement websites could be found.

At the bottom of the website was a photograph of a woman who was Ochoa’s Australian girlfriend. She was holding a sign saying “PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch’s”.

The picture contained data which showed it was taken by an iPhone. The iPhone data contained GPS co-ordinates which showed the Wantirna South street and house where it was taken.

Then there was another link on the Twitter account pointing followers to a website that railed against oppression by police departments around the world.

That featured a picture of a woman with a sign stating “We Are ALL Anonymous We NEVERForgive. We NEVER Forget. <3 @Anonw0rmer”.

The picture was the same woman and the FBI found two references to the pseudonym ”w0rmer” on unconnected internet sites, one of which had Ochoa’s name alongside it.

It was then a matter of putting his apartment under surveillance.

But actually what finally linked it all together was when the FBI found Ochoa’s Facebook page, on which he named an Australian woman as his girlfriend. It turned out that she was the woman in the photo taken in South Wantirna.

She is now in the United States with Ochoa, who will appear in court this week.