Kissenger calls for cyber détente with China

US Statesman Henry Kissinger, who opened US relations with China, says the two nations need to come to some sort of cyber détente.

Kissinger told Reuters that Washington and Beijing both had significant espionage capabilities and it was time both sides sat down and had a natter about them.

He was joined by Jon Huntsman, the former US ambassador to China, who said that talking about cyber attacks with Beijing was the same as chatting about missile defence and the military use of space. It had to be done sooner or later.

Their calls for a cyber detente follow a blitz of hacking attacks on the IMF the US Senate, and defence industry outfits like Lockheed Martin.

Kissinger said that without an overall agreement, things are just going to get worse. He warned that if things were looked at on a case by case basis it will lead to accusations and counter-accusations.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei that China was willing to chat to the US about Internet security, although it denies that it has hacked anyone and is itself a victim.