Kim Jong Un becomes GPS nuisance

After his guided missile blew up and his economy became even worse, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has decided to really show people who is boss.

Using the same sort of mentality which typifies a kid of his age, he got on the blower to Russia and bought some second hand GPS jammers that the former Soviet Country had lying around not doing anything.

He allegedly parked them around his capital where they can jam every GPS device within 50 to 100 kilimetres.

This means that no one in his capital can use their Tom Toms but since most of them don’t have a car, that is not a problem.

However, the technology is within range of the South which is finding that some of its ships can’t find their way, and of course their stolen iPhones can’t be located.

Militarily it is pretty dumb to use in this way. After all, you are telling the South exactly what sort of technology you have and its only earthly use is to annoy them.

According to Yon Hap News, Seoul is developing a work-around for the jamming.

Minister Kim Tae-young said at a parliamentary audit that the North is believed to be behind the occasional malfunctioning of GPS signal receivers in parts of South Korea’s west coastal areas for hours.

At the moment Seoul, however, could not find out exactly from where in North Korea the disrupting signals came because the jamming lasted for only 10 minutes each time.

He said that rumours that North Korea was trying to develop electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs did not appear to be true.

If it did, it could really mess with the South’s communication systems. The weapon is designed to detonate high above the Earth’s atmosphere, releasing huge amounts of energy, some of which is in the form of gamma rays.

But at the moment the North does not have the technology and at the moment the only way they could bring down communications is to have someone pop into every South Korean home and unplug their Xbox.