Kim Dotcom declares war on pirates

The forces of darkness have again conspired to bring about an end to Kim Dotcom’s new “I can’t believe it’s not piracy” website.

While Dotcom was doing his best to say that his database was piracy free, and even blocked more than 120 illegal content files, it seems that his system is wide open to abuse.

Already some Anonymous users launched a search engine that indexes files uploaded on the new sharing service, potentially making it easier to find copyright-protected material.

Now, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Dotcom has blocked it. The engine, called, is not available anymore. In fact, Dotcom appears to have used the engine to delete illegal content.

According to the owners of the search engine, they will overcome this problem shortly. In other words, Dotcom is playing a game of whack a mole with hackers, something he, and they, know he cannot will.

Files on Mega are encrypted so the engine relied on users submitting links and names of the files they had in their Mega clouds. Once you found what you were looking for, you could transfer the file to your own account or download it directly.

It’s unclear who made the search site, but according to WHOIS, the internet equivalent of White Pages, the site was registered on 20 January, the same day of Mega’s launch. There was some muttering that Dotcom himself was behind it, something which was denied by Ira Rothken, Dotcom’s lawyer.

Again, the Mega machine is trying to spin this as being a sign that Dotcom’s new company is really serious about copyright, and wants to avoid being shut down like Megaupload.