Kaspersky's son freed

Inspector Knacker of the Moscow Yard has swooped on a den of kidnappers and freed the son of insecurity expert Yevgeny Eugene Kaspersky.

Ivan Kaspersky went missing a few days earlier and while Kasperky’s company remained quiet about it being a kidnapping, someone told the media.

It would appear that Kaspersky, the younger, is a fourth-year student of mathematics and cybernetics at Moscow State University. He was on his way to work at InfoWatch, a company owned by his mum, Natalya Kaspersky when he disappeared.

Someone claiming to be his abductor later reportedly phoned the father and demanded $4.3 million to get his son back.

According to Russian media reports, Inspector Knacker fingered the collar of five suspects who are in custody in connection with the abduction.

What is interesting is that the coppers carried out what the press are calling a “special operation” with Kaspersky security forces. This would lead to the speculation that it was an inside job with Kaspersky employees knowing about it.

The only other explanation for their involvement is that they had methods of tracking the kidnappers that the coppers did not have.

All the company was saying today was that Ivan was freed without ransom.

Kidnappings of wealthy business people and members of their family are quite common in places were the Russian mafia are strong.

After all it is easy to snatch a kid on his way to school and demand a million or two from his dad. No one ever said the Russian Mafia were brave. Violent, sadistic, thugs, perhaps, but not brave.