John McAfee thrown in Guatemalan jail

John McAfee has been detained in a Guatemalan jail after entering the country illegally, following three weeks on the run from police in Belize.

In a story that has given information security reporters sensational relief from writing about 0-day exploits, McAfee has been hiding from Belize authorities since reports of the death of his American neighbour emerged, with McAfee continually expressing his innocence of any wrongdoing through his blog.

In the latest update, McAfee confirmed that he is now in a Guatemalan prison, but appeared confident that he would be released soon.

“I am in jail in Guatemala,” he wrote. “Vastly superior to Belize jails.  I asked for a computer and one magically appeared.  The coffee is also excellent.”

He continued: “Only time will tell what will happen.  No one has a crystal ball.  However, I would be truly shocked if I did not conduct the press conference tomorrow as I had originally planned.”

Guatemalan interior minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla has said that McAfee could be expelled from the country, the Guardian writes.

In McAfee’s blog, it was claimed that a man had also been arrested in Mexico this week saying he was the millionaire entrepreneur, in what are thought to have been attempted diversionary tactics.

McAfee now claims that Guatemalan authorities have assured him that he will not be returned to neighbouring Belize, at least until his case is heard by a judge.

Since arriving in Guatemala McAfee has also spoken directly to reporters, stating how he has been “continually harassed” by the Belize government.  

“They have attempted to charge me with every crime, ranging from running an antibiotics laboratory without a licence, to hiring security guards without a licence, to having improper paperworks for my company, and most recently the murder of my neighbour,” he said. “I had to leave, but the story had to get out.”

McAfee has not been charged at this point, and Belize authorities have said that he is only wanted for questioning regarding the death of his neighbour.

Since going on the lam, McAfee has been accompanied by his girlfriend and two journalists at Vice magazine. Vice has published a video of McAfee being detained by Guatemalan authorities.

McAfee’s whereabouts were revealed earlier this week after a photo uploaded by one of the journalists was tracked using the GPS function.