John McAfee resurfaces to promote anti-spying device

John McAfee is back in the security business – peddling a device that he claims can block the government’s ability to spy on PCs and mobile devices.

Dubbed “Dcentral,” the $100 gadget will fit into your pocket, which is handy when you are on the run trying to avoid a murder rap.

According to PC Worldin a speech at the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre, McAfee suggested that the hardware would create private device networks impenetrable to outsiders.

The network’s range would be roughly three blocks. McAfee believes that he can have a prototype up and running within six months.

He said that he is looking for partners for development of the hardware.

While it is true that criminals could also find a use for a decentralized, uncrackable network, all technology could do that. The telephone is used for nefarious purposes, McAfee pointed out.

The hardware appears to be the return of McAfee to the technology industry after his time spent in Belize testing certain substances, for science.

He has also set up “Future Tense Central” website with a countdown clock, a sleek logo, and a set of social media buttons. A launch of something or other is probably imminent.

He can’t call it McAfee, of course. His name, along with the company itself, was sold off to Intel.