Joe Biden accused of ordering Kim Dotcom's arrest

Kim Dotcom has accused US Vice President Joe Biden of personally ordering the closure of file-sharing site Megaupload on behalf of his mates in Big Content.

DotCom tweeted an image of Biden and Dodd, who is the head of the Motion Picture Association of America. He said that Biden who is the best friend of former Senator and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) boss Chris Dodd, ordered his former lawyer and now state attorney Neil MacBride to take Mega down.

He claimed that he received information from a White House insider and scanned the White House visitor logs for all meetings of Chris Dodd and studio bosses with Joe Biden and Obama.

Mike Ellis of MPA Asia, who is an extradition expert and former superintendent of the Hong Kong police, was at a meeting with Dodd, all studio bosses and Joe Biden.

Ellis later jetted to meet with the New Zealand Minister of Justice Simon Power. Power ordered Kiwi cops to raid Dotcom’s home.

It appears that the MPAA listed money spent on lobbying the office of Vice President Joe Biden as a major transaction.

It is fairly damning evidence that Big Content lobbied both the New Zealand and US government to have Dotcom and Megaupload shut down.

What stuffed up the cunning plan was that they failed to check the law properly before they did it.

Last week a New Zealand judge, Helen Winkelmann, found the warrants used in the seizure of property from Dotcom’s mansion near Auckland were illegal. Moves by the FBI to copy data from Dotcom’s computer and take it offshore were also unlawful.

TorrentFreak found out who was at the meeting and it lists the following: Barry Meyer, CEO Warner Bros Entertainment, Brad Grey, CEO Paramount Pictures, Michael Ellis, Managing Director MPA Asia Pacific, Chris Dodd, CEO MPAA, Jeff Blake, Vice Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ronald Meyer, President Universal Studios, Michael O’Leary, MPAA Senior Executive Vice President for Global Policy and External Affairs, and Rich Ross, Chairman of Walt Disney,  It is not clear if any owls were eaten at the meeting.

Dotcom is convinced that corrupt elements in the US Government brought Mega down and he claims he has more evidence which he will release later. Dotcom said the whole Mega case is quite the political thriller.