Japanese toilet can be hacked

A high tech Japanese toilet can be hacked remotely according to the latest security advisory from TrustWave.

The company has noticed that security is fast becoming a problem in high tech loos with lots of security problems coming up.

In fact, the outfit found security vulnerabilities in high tech loos since 2009, and it appears manufacturers are not trying too hard to tackle the problem.

After all the last thing you want when you have your trousers around your ankles is a hacker infringing your privacy. These high tech loos can shoot hot water into your undercarriage or eject rather than flush.

Otherwise they could just keep flushing like the loos in our pub. There is not much worse than a loo which is vulnerable to phishing. In the USA, there’s always the risk the NSA might use a backdoor to access your backdoor.

The latest warning is about a new Satis-brand internet toilet. Apparently it is not enough to control it on the throne, you have to be able to flush it while you away on business. Or, on a cold-winter’s day, heat up the seat for when you come home.

According to Trustwave, every Satis toilet has the same hard-coded Bluetooth PIN, which means any person using the ‘My Satis’ [Android] application can control any Satis toilet.