Japanese man arrested for having a virus

Inspector Knacker of the Gifu Yard has fingered the collar of a Japanese bloke for the strange crime of having a virus on his PC without a good reason.

While many of us can’t think of a good reason to have a virus on our PCs, apparently in Japan you can be sentenced to up to two years porridge for it.

Yasuhiro Kawaguchi, 38, of Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, was arrested at his home after coppers found the virus on his PC.

According to the Yomiuri newspaper Japan revised its Penal Code two weeks ago so that it is against the law to store a computer virus for the purpose of infecting other computers. Kawaguchi is the first to be charged under the new law.

The virus copied graphics elements and files on a computer, causing it to freeze more than 2,000 users of file-sharing software to be infected with the virus.

Kawaguchi named the virius so that it appeared to be kiddie porn and uploaded it via the file-sharing software Share. People who downloaded the file and opened it on their computers, or activated a DVD onto which the file was saved, found their computers to be infected.

Kawaguch told coppers he did it to punish people who use file-sharing software.

The new law was designed to allow coppers to charge virus distributors with something when they had no evidence of damage on another person’s PC.

Kawaguchi told police that he had been writing viruses since 2007. But under the old laws, coppers had little they could prove.