Japanese claim that US is full of pirates

A new study from the Land of the Rising Sun which is not Norfolk claims that the US is full of pirates.

The Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association (CESA) has added up every case of software piracy, divided by its shoe size and then picked a number out the air and claims that piracy costs $10.44 trillion.

These figures were based on piracy of the DS and PSP between 2004 and June 2009.

The figures were worked out by visiting the top 114 piracy sites for the Japanese versions of the top 20 software titles from 2004 to 2009.

The outfit said that its figures were conservative because P2P sharing was not included in the investigation.

The country with the most servers hosting piracy sites is America. China being a number 2.

If both these nations dropped down a black hole, and some would claim that parts of the US are black holes, then this would take out 60 per cent of all the pirates.

America is number one in terms of number of accesses to piracy sites. Japan is number 2, with China third.