Japanese citizens face ID day

ID Day for Japanese citizens could come as early as June 2014 government panel studying the national ID system gets its way.

However privacy groups have warned that it’s not just their tax earnings that will be under scrutiny.

The ID numbers, which will be issued along with smart ID cards, will initially be used only for managing tax and social security records.

And as always the Government is trying to promote as many benefits as possible for the spying scheme. This includes a more accurate breakdown of low-income earners in order to enhance social welfare services and making it easier for citizens to check their tax, social security and medical fee data online – hmmm is old Tony Bleugh giving secret advice

However, in true ID card form, the scheme hasn’t gone down well with citizens who see it as a consumption tax hike. This is because the system will allow for a more accurate assessment of people’s income. There is time however, to get finances in order as according to the Nikkei even if the system is up and running in January 2015 as planned, it will need to be tested for at least a year before the government can use it to introduce refundable tax credits.

Alex Deane director at Big Brother Watch said citizens had a point.

“Whilst Japanese citizens are probably right to fear that this scheme means they’ll pay higher taxes, they should also fear the impact on their privacy,” he told TechEye.

“Government-run identity databases aren’t just expensive – they’re also intrusive and pose real risks for everyone featured on them. The Japanese should learn from our example and stop before they begin, rather than waste billions of pounds on an ID database which – at best – they’ll wind up scrapping,” he added.