Italian coppers investigate online burglary

Inspector Guido Knasher of the Palermo Yard has taken time out from his busy schedule dealing with local Mafia crime lords to investigate the burglary of a woman’s online house.

Paola Letizia claims to have lost $139 worth of stolen items in the virtual house she owns in the Facebook game “Pet Society.” after hackers made her an offer she could not refuse.

For those who have lives, Pet Society has been dubbed a “social pet simulation game” you decorate “houses” and shop with real money for virtual clothes for their non-existent pets.

She told the local press that it does not matter that the apartment only exists on Facebook, it was real to her and she had suffered a real loss.

The case has got the Italian legal system all tied up in knots. Even if Inspector Knacker finds the “blokes wot did it”, there is a question of whether they can be charged.

Italian Justice twists and turns, like a twisty turny thing, and a lot depends on a judge being in a good mood when he makes a ruling.

Still it will make a change from having to deal with the current wave of armed Romanian gangs visiting ordinary people’s houses in the countryside and cleaning them out.