Italian coppers arrest Anonymous cell

Italian police have carried out 32 raids across the country and fingered the collar of three people, including a minor, who are suspected of being the Italian leaders of the Anonymous hacker group.

State Police claim they have arrested the “the promoter” and some leading figures of the Italian cell of “Anonymous”, the hacker group.  So far no names have been released.

The raids were carried out by the anti-crime investigators of the National Computer Center  and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Rome. Another person in the Swiss canton of Canton Ticino has also been arrested.

Local press here expect further arrests to follow.

In a statement, the Italian State police said that Anonymous had caused substantial damage to institutions and companies. Some sites were unable to operate for some time.

Out of all of the current hacker groups, Anonymous is the largest, but is also populated by the least technical people. Some of its members carry out attacks using software downloaded from the Internet and do not carry out the most basic attempts to secure their IP address.

There has been no official announcement from Anonymous about the arrests.