IT security expert arrested for creating mischief

AN IT insecurity expert is in hot water after a cunning plan to show weaknesses in the G20 security arrangements went tits up.

Inspector Knacker of the Toronto Yard arrested Byron Sonne, 37, and charged him with possession of explosives for an unlawful purpose, possession of dangerous weapons, intimidation of a justice system participant by threat, intimidation of a justice system participant, mischief and attempted mischief.

Coppers have said nothing about the case to the Canadian media , but it seems that his mates claim that it was all to do with a security exercise that went wrong.

Sonne was a member of a group called the Toronto Area Security Klatch, a group of security professionals who share knowledge and research on matters related to IT security.

Sonne is an independent online security specialist and a licensed dick. According to University of Toronto professor Andrew Clement, Sonne may have been trying to test police security measures in advance of the G20 meetings in Toronto this weekend.

Sonne had talked about sending messages with trigger words or buying up fertilizer during the summit to test security measures.

Those that know him say the idea that Sonne was involved with any explosives or weapons is out of character.

It looks like Sonne might have tried to get 15 minutes of fame exposing weaknesses in the summit security, only to find that it was a hell of a lot better than he thought.   The charge sheet seems to indicate that the coppers don’t think he is a terrorist, but they still want to make an example of him.