IT crowd to work alongside the army

The IT crowd has been ordered to work alongside the British army to put the fear of geek into the enemy.

As part of the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) plans Counterstike-trained cyber geeks will join troops to help fight a cyber war.

The new recruitment come as the MoD moves to blast threats highlighted in last year’s National Security Strategy report, which targeted cyber crime as one of the four key areas for national security.

In fact, it’s so concerned about this threat that it’s said that the ‘cyber’ soldiers will be classified using similar ranks as conventional troops.  We would have thought that they would want to be done in levels so they can tell their mates that they are a level 21 cyber warrior armed with the plus five toolkit of doom.

It said this was because its forces abroad and in blighty depended on computer networks, which could fold if they weren’t protected from cyber threats.

Technical cyber operations could be conducted in parallel with more conventional actions the sea, land and air operations, although this might mean moving geeks outside, which is not their normal habitat.

The  MoD is  funding the IT Crowd with some of the £650m set aside for cybersecurity under the government’s strategic defence and security review last October.

And it looks like we’re in good cyber company with both the US and China slso previously announcing investment in cyberwarfare.