Israel claims Iranian, Palestinian cyber attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that Iran Palestinian and Lebanon are involved in a continual cyber war with Israel.

According to Reutershe said that Iran and its Palestinian and Lebanese allies had been carrying out “non-stop” cyber attacks on major computer systems in Israel.

Of course, Netanyahu did not provide any details of the attacks but you have to take his word for it that “vital national systems” had been targeted. He claimed that water, power and banking sites were also under threat.

Netanyahu said that there had been a significant increase in the scope of cyber attacks on Israel by Iran. These attacks are carried out directly by Iran and through its proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, Netanyahu alleged.

He did say that the reason that no one has ever heard of the attacks because so few of them actually get through.

This is because Netanyahu established a national cyber directorate in 2011 charged with protecting Israel’s computer systems from disruption.

Claims that Israel is being attacked are a little ironic given that it, along with its chum the United States, are widely believed to be behind a series of cyber attacks against an Iranian nuclear programme.

The extent that Israel is suffering from a full scale cyber war on its infrastructure is a little less credible. So far there has been a pro-Palestinian cyber attack campaign against government websites, but this is a long way from taking out the power grid.

In those cases Israeli officials said the attacks briefly disrupted several sites and security protocols were updated in response, so we are not talking about a significant campaign.