Iranian nuclear plant subjected to cyber attack

An attempt was made to attack Iranian nuclear facilities using cyber war techniques, according to the Iranian Republic News Agency.

It reported yesterday that the Stuxnet cyber worm has not hit its nuclear site or software, suggesting clearly that an attempt was made.

An M. Zarean, deputy chairman of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation, said that IT experts had taken precautionary measures to protect the facility from cyber war. “The vigilance and skills of Iranian experts would again thwart the cyber war,” he told the news agency.

Some PCs at the Bushehr nuclear power plant are infected by the virus, according to the facility’s project manager.

It’s unclear whether the attack on the Iranian facilities was orchestrated by a government or governments or just that negligence was the reason for the PCs being infected.

Several governments of different ideologies and persuasions have the capability of mounting cyber attacks. Indeed, the US government is taking steps to ensure that its industrial and military facilities are immune to such attacks.