Iran takes its ministries offline

The Iranian government has come up with a novel method of dealing with the US and Israeli government attempts to take its key departments offline by disconnecting them the world wide web.

According to the International Business Times, the Iranian government is taking key ministries and state agencies offline in the next month in a bid to protect sensitive information from cyber-attacks.

Lately the country has suffered from some high-profile attacks which have targeted Iran’s nuclear and oil facilities. Both attacks were carried out by the US government, according to a New York Times leak, working in conjunction with the Israeli government.

Now it seems that Reza Taghipour, Iran’s telecommunications minister, has decided that it is easier to protect sensitive intelligence by getting off the world wide web.

He said that the internet was untrustworthy because it was controlled by “one or two” countries hostile to Iran.

Taghipour told a conference at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University that Iranian spooks will create a situation where the precious intelligence of the country won’t be accessible to these powers. We guess he just means someone will pull a plug.

Iran wants to replace the web completely with a national intranet within the next 18 months. But in the meanwhile the plan is to take state agencies offline as the first step.

Of course it will not work that well. Stuxnet was actually installed manually into computer networks using a flash drive. If the Iranian government does get its intranet set up, it will contain any malware inside the country. The CIA and Mossad will not have to worry about infecting any allies as any malware will stay inside the Iranian network.