iPhone users unlocking their phones fall for scam

A malware code is targeting people wishing to unlock their iPhones.

The scam, which goes by the name of Trojan.BAT.AACL, was detected by security bods at Bit Defender. It targets users through an e-mail offering a link that promises a new version of an iPhone unlocking application to overcome vendor set network restrictions. People who click the link are then directed to a web page which provides instructions for downloading the rogue application.

When it’s been downloaded the Trojan attempts to change the preferred DNS server address for several possible Internet connections on the users’ computers to 188.210.[REMOVED]. This allows the malware creators to intercept the victims’ calls to reach Internet sites and to redirect them to their own malware-laden versions of those sites.

Mihai Andrei Livadaru, a Bit Defender virus researcher, said: “After being urged to connect their iPhone to a PC, the victims are then instructed to download the application and run it on the iPhone. However, once installed the executable file causes a Trojan virus to be infected in the PC.”