iPad hacker is set to plead guilty

Reuters claims that one of the blokes who hacked into AT&T and stole shedloads of data on iPad users is in negotiations with prosecutors over a possible guilty plea.

Andrew Auernheimer’s case started to look weak after his co-defendant Daniel Spitler pleaded guilty on June 23 to the same charges.

Auernheimer has been indicted on one count of conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers and one count of identity theft.

US District Judge Susan Wigenton put Auernheimer’s case on hold, saying that “plea negotiations are currently in progress and both the United States and the defendant desire additional time to finalise a plea agreement, which would render trial of this matter unnecessary.”

Auernheimer and Spitler were involved with a hacking group called Goatse Security. It is a famous a group of “Internet trolls” that tries to disrupt online content and services.

Prosecutors claim that both men last June used an “account slurper” designed to match email addresses with so-called “integrated circuit card identifiers” for iPad users.

The slurper conducted a “brute force” attack to extract data about those users, who accessed the Internet through AT&T’s network.

Spitler could face an 18-month prison term.   Still he has won a lot of kudos amongst hackers by managing to get so called serious newspapers running headlines with the slang “Goatse” included in it.