Internet outfits need to be more accountable

You know that things are changing in the software industry when an outfit like Microsoft, has a moan about security.

Once the reason most computers were hacked, Microsoft’s operating system has got tighter over the years.

This apparently gives the Imperium the right to moan about what others are not doing in the battle against hackers.

Peter Cullen, chief privacy strategist for Microsoft, told the the Family Online Safety Institute’s annual conference that Internet companies needed to do more to protect the mass of personal data collected from users.

He said that information is the currency of growth, but it’s also increasingly become the currency of crime.

“People have very high expectations when it comes to companies in terms of how they collect, use, store and most importantly protect their information,” Cullen said.

Outfits must hold high standards when handling consumers’ personal information and invest more in internal structures to ensure privacy, he added.

Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and er Microsoft collect personal data that is often used in advertising or passed on to third parties without users’ knowledge.

Cullen failed to cite any differences in the Imperium’s approach to data protection or what standards it has in place which makes it any different from other outfits.

However, the statement appears to be coming ahead of moves in the US to tighten up on data requirements and the fact that Google is in hot water with the authorities.