India's Anti-Terror Cops ask IT Crowd for encryption help

India’s anti-terror plod, the ATS, is desperate for people to help it with its inquiries.

The outfit, which is looking into the case of the 13/7 triple blasts, found an email which it thinks may help it to crack the case.

However they think that the message has been encrypted using a non conventional code and have been on the blower to computer experts, geeks and the odd hackers to help it decode the message, the Times of India reports .

The email was sent by an Indian Mujahideen who spoke to his chum about 25 days before the bombing which killed 23 people and injured 127.

The only clue that the email is not mundane is an out-of-context line which reads: “Students ki tayyari ho gayi hai. Exam kab aur kahan hai?”

Literally translated it means that “Students have completed their preparation. Where and when is the exam?.

ATS officials suspect that the assembled bombs were brought near the blast sites where digital timers were then put on them.

They believe that the sentence is about setting the digital timer on the bomb. Apparently the Indian Mujahideen and its mates do not seem too keen to assist coppers in breaking the code and the IT community is likewise scratching its head. After all these sorts of codes are not normally what they mean when they talk about encryption.