IBM gives infected USB drives to hacks

IBM played Father Christmas yesterday by giving out USB drives at the AusCert 2010 conference, but today it’s a little more red-faced than normal after discovering the drives were infected with malware.

Glenn Wightwick, CTO of IBM Australia, emailed attendess of the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) 2010 today to warn them that some of the prezzies it gave out had a little something extra in them.

The email read:

“Unfortunately, we have discovered that some of these USB keys contained malware and we suspect that all USB keys may be affected. The malware is detected by the majority of current antivirus products and been known since 2008. Please do not use the USB key, and we ask that you return it to IBM at Reply Paid 120, PO Box 400, West Pennant Hills 2120.”

Pity IBM didn’t run a virus check before they gave them away.

People having difficulty removing the malware were told to contact the IBM Security Operations Team at Hopefully the email response doesn’t have any dodgy attachments.

“We regret any inconvenience that may have been caused,” Wightwick said.

We didn’t contact IBM for comment and IBM didn’t respond telling us it is a Nigerian prince looking for investors.