IBM announces Intrusion Prevention System

IBM has announced a new security appliance which it believes will help companies “adopt an IT infrastructure that is secure by design” and keep the industry one step ahead of network security risks.

With an average company’s IT infrastructure being attacked 60,000 times a day, IBM believes a new approach is needed, such as its new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), which merges intrusion prevention with other security applications into a single security client.

The IPS is built on Virtual Patch technology and is powered by IBM’s X-Force, which gives customers direct access to security updates before they are officially released. IBM says that for the top 61 security threats experienced in 2009 its X-Force provided the relevant protection on an average of nearly a full year before the vulnerabilities were made public.

The new system will include advanced network protection particularly designed to combat zero-day threats, web application protection with IBM’s Security AppScan, data security which monitors incoming and outgoing data, high-performance network appliances, IPv6 protection and management and an enhanced user experience designed to make it easier to perform routine security checks.

The IBM Security Network IPS can be deployed by companies themselves or IBM can install and manage it through its IBM Managed Security Services. It is available now.