iBahn denies it was hacked by China

iBahn, which provides internet services to some 3,000 hotels worldwide, has denied Bloomberg reports that it was hacked by China.

Yesterday Bloomberg wrote that a highly skilled group of hackers based in China gained access to secrets being emailed across its networks by US business people staying in foreign hotels.

Bloomberg claimed that the breach “may have let hackers see millions of confidential e-mails, even encrypted ones” from executives staying in hotels using iBahn’s network.

But in a written statement, iBahn said it was aware of the allegations in the news report but it had “not found proof of any breach on the iBahn network.”

It said that it was gathering all the relevant information and will provide updates as it learns more.

Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communication for Trend Micro told Network World  that while iBahn would make a good target for hackers, it would be tricky.

Most of the business people who use the iBahn network also tend to use VPN (virtual private network) services to ensure the traffic between their computer and the company network is encrypted. If the Chinese could not decrypt the traffic, it would be useless to them.

iBahn has a certification program to ensure that enterprise VPN software is compatible with its network. Its VPN services are used by companies and organisations including Bank of America, Microsoft and the US Army.