Homeland security wants to take over your network

The Department of Homeland Security has decided that US companies are not good enough at running their network security and it wants to take them over.

According to CIO Today, under a cunning plan being looked at by the US Senate, the DHS thinks that if it runs every corporate network in the Land of the Free the country will be much safer.

We guess it will also mean that the government can constantly monitor corporate emails for other threats.

Under the move, the same brains who have screwed up US tourism with their bizarre paranoia and obsessive desire to see you naked, the TSA would take over each company’s security. We guess that means that you will not be able to turn on your computer without having your testicles fondled in the search for explosives.

To be fair Congress is only suggesting the nightmare scenario for outfits who run life-sustaining services, and if hackers got in could create catastrophic economic damage or severe degradation of national security capabilities.

The idea is being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and is supported by the White House. However it has still got to go to consultation and we can’t see the corporate interests which run the US allowing this one through.