HBGary censors former staffer

Former HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr has been forced out of talking about Anonymous at a security conference.

According to Threatpost Barr was supposed to be talking to the DEFCON conference about attacks by Anonymous on February 5.

Barr has told DEFCON organisers he was withdrawing from an August 6 panel discussion after attorneys representing HBGary Federal threatened to file an injunction against him if he did not quit.

DEFCON is used to it. There is hardly a single conference where someone is not silenced by laywers. Barr was supposed to be participating in a panel called ”Whoever Fights Monsters…’ Aaron Barr, Anonymous and Ourselves.”

Barr and his former employer were both targets of Anonymous. The group was miffed when Barr told the Financial Times that he was going to divulge the identities of Anonymous’s leadership.

HBGary Federal’s e-mail server and Barr’s private accounts was hacked and thousands of documents and confidential company correspondence were posted online.

Barr resigned from his post as CEO weeks after the hack as the company suffered from some difficult disclosures about its business.

The DEFCON panel promised what was described as a “gritty and frank” discussion of issues raised by the recent attacks by groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec.

Barr who has done extensive research on Anonymous and its activities, was planning to talk about the significance of the group and about methods for combating Anonymous and other “chaotic actors.”

The lawyers for HBGary Federal are saying that Barr cannot comment on the attacks, and have his exit document to show the court if he tries to speak.