HBGary Aurora emails say Chinese hackers got to Morgan Stanley

The Chinese hackers who took out Google were probably not trying to bring down the west as we know it after all.

Secret emails which have just been made public indicate that the same Chinese hacking crew which got Google also tried to take out Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley was the little  outfit which was involved in bringing the Western economy to its knees with its sub-prime mortgage policy. We would have thought that any good revolutionary outfit would have wanted to keep that baby up and running to keep up the good work destabilising democracy.

However it seems that the Chinese hackers were interested in keeping Morgan Stanley offline.

According to emails obtained from a US security consultancy by “hacktivists” Anonymous, Morgan Stanley was “hit hard” by the attack, although it did not want the attack to be known.

In fact the whole attack would have remained secret if Security outfit HBGary CEO Aaron Barr had not bragged that he could identify Anonymous members by analysing social networks.

Anonymous subsequently posted thousands of HBGary’s emails online, saying “it would appear that security experts are not expertly secured”. Barr resigned yesterday.

Among the emails was one from Phil Wallisch, a senior security engineer at HBGary, as saying he read an internal Morgan Stanley report detailing the Aurora attacks.

The HBGary emails don’t indicate what information may have been stolen from Morgan Stanley’s databanks or which of the world’s largest merger adviser’s multinational operations were targeted.

As yet Morgan Stanley is still not saying anything about the attacks. Currently it has enough on its plate having to answer tricky questions about why it has been foreclosing on homes of soldiers serving overseas or overcharging thousands for mortgages.