Hackers turn over Italian cyber crime unit

Hackers have turned over the Italian cyber crime unit, the  National Computer Crime Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection, and are starting to release secret documents about the outfit’s antics.

Anonymous has said that it received the files from a source, although it is widely believed by the local press that one of its members hacked the database.

More than 8GB of files have been taken from the network of the Italian CNAIPIC and the release is thought to be a vendetta for arrests of three Italian members of Anonymous, earlier this month.

Anonymous however claims the files prove that the unit is corrupt and had been using the data “to further the desire for power and money of various oligarchies”.

“Many people are in prison awaiting trial while CNAIPIC used some of the data in the great game of international espionage,” the hackers said.

The files were placed on the Pastebin website and appear to have come from the evidence servers of CNAIPIC, They have information about government offices such as Australia’s Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Agriculture as well as data about private firms Gazprom, Exxon Mobil and many others.

According to the newspaper La Repubblica, other files concerned the Madoff financial scandal in the U.S., Exxon and the identity documents of Middle Eastern individuals and official documents written in Russian and Arabic.

There was even a chart showing CNAIPIC’s telecom architecture and a photograph of uniformed officers who presumably work for the unit included in the hackers’ information dump.

Anonymous’s sneak preview images show the management structure of CNAIPIC, pictures of staff and a long list of all the documents that have been taken.