Hackers threaten to take down Paypal and Twitter over Wikileaks blocks

Hackers have pledged to take down Paypal within the next few hours and threatened that Twitter will be next for the alleged censorship of the #Wikileaks hashtag to prevent it from trending.

The hacker group, known as Anonymous, posted a message on the 4chan board, which it regularly uses to comment on DDoS attacks it has made or is planning. It said it is targetting PayPal “in a few hours” in what it calls Operation: Payback.

It also threatened Twitter, saying: “you’re next for censoring #Wikileaks discussion”. Twitter has denied censorship, but several researchers have questioned why the high volume hashtag has failed to trend while lower volume terms have.

The threat cannot be taken lightly, as there have also been reports that MasterCard has been the victim of a DDoS attack today, rendering the service offline. With Visa also blocking Wikileaks it may join the hackers’ growing list.

We wonder if others who have cut services to Wikileaks, such as Amazon, will also be the victim of hacking attempts over the next few hours and days. It appears that Anonymous is intent on taking down anyone seen as working against Wikileaks, which could cause massive disruption to online services.

Operation Payback