Hackers take Eve Online offline

Hackers have taken the Eve Online game offline with a huge denial of service attack.

The Tranquility cluster, which houses EVE Online  and web servers, were taken out over the weekend.

According to Eve Online’s Facebook page, the company mobilised a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation. It took a couple of hours to realise that the whole system was stuffed and to switch it off while the backup plans were sorted out.

An attempt to reopen Eve Online failed and it was decided to keep the Tranquility servers and its associated websites back down for further investigation – and an exhaustive scan of the entire infrastructure.

The fear is that the hackers might have used the DDoS to try and hit customer records or other key parts of the infrastructure.

This morning engineers were close to finishing, and Eve Online tweeted a thank you to users for their patience.

Some Eve Online users have used their time to clean their bedrooms and some brave souls even ventured outside.