Hackers take control of Paypal's Twitter

Hackers gained control of a PayPal Twitter feed for more than an hour on Tuesday, then sent out messages slamming the payment processor.

It is the second attack on Paypal in two days. Hackers took control of the Twitter feed of Fox News feed for more than five hours, then sent tweets claiming that US President Barack Obama had been shot dead.

Given that was the sort of news that Fox would print and then retract, no one really noticed.

In the latest case the the attackers sent out messages promoting paypalsucks.com, a site devoted to what it says is “exposing the nightmare of doing business ‘the PayPal way.'”

It did not take long for the Tweets to be removed as Twitter shut down the the PayPalUK feed.

A PayPal spokesman told Reuters  that the attack on the Twitter account had not affected the company’s operations or its internal computer networks

We guess that the only thing it has to worry about from such attacks is a loss of business credibilty, but since it was the outfit’s Twitter feed it probably does not matter.

Paypalsucks.com site said that it had nothing to do with the attack and told Reuters that it does not condone hacking of any kind.