Hackers hit Sourceforge

It appears that rather than wipe the smug smile off Apple fanboy faces by taking down Jobs’ Mob, hackers are wading into Open Sauce.

We have reported how the Fedora site got a good kicking from hackers and now it seems that Source Forge, which is the Open Saucer’s code bank has been attacked.

According to the site, it detected a direct targeted attack that resulted in an exploit of several SourceForge.net servers.

Open saucers shut down a handful of developer centric services to safeguard data and protect the majority of the SourceForge services.

The guardians of the Open Sauce said that they were trying prevent further exposure and ensure data integrity.

It has called in all its staff to identifying how the hacker got in and restoring the impacted services.

It seems that the problem was initially discovered on the servers that host CVS but several other machines were roped in.

A spokes saucer said that the outfit had determined the extent of the attack, and was verifying all of our other services and data.

In the short term, the outfit has taken down CVS Hosting, ViewVC (web based code browsing), New Release upload capability, and Interactive Shell services

Source Forge said that once the dust has settled it will provide more information.

It is not clear who or why anyone would attack the Open Sauce movement, but there appears to be a stepping up of attacks lately. Instead of the usual let’s embarrass Microsoft plan of attack, hitting SourceForge is like walloping the good guys.

These guys would have more impact and fame if they attacked Apple which is smugly claiming that it is invulnerable to hacking because of its genius security. Attacking open sauce proves that everyone is open to security threats.