Hackers exploit Bin Laden death on Facebook

A tip to the newbies starting out, reads a post from a man at the Black Hat World forums, now’s a good time to make some money out of Bin Laden’s death.

The news is awash with reports about Bin Laden shot by the US and then buried at sea. Twitter and Facebook are full of either jokes, or ghoulish approval of the death of the international terrorist. One poster says it’s time to monetise the reports, “NOW!”

There are four easy steps, he says. Tap into the collective hive-mind of the patriotic American by starting a fan page, “something like Osama Bin Laden Dead – Rot in Hell”. Next, invite people. Watch it go viral, you’ll “probably get 90% USA FB users.” Then, crucially, save it so you can promote a product later on.

“This is one of those rare opportunities that can uild you a great list and a couple of zeroes in your profit,” the post reads. “Use it while the news of Bin Laden killed by US forces is hot.”

The poster claims he had just started one, and it got up to 600 likes in two minutes.

The example from security outfit Imperva’s bog shows how a page that initially pretends to be from CNN ends up as something called “Get LAID With Girls From Fbook Transform Your PC Into a Seduction Machine.”

Similarly, examples have started cropping up on Facebook purporting to be a friend commenting about Osama Bin Laden’s death on a CNN website. The URL is dodgy and it attempts to spread virally once clicked.