Hackers dump details of politicians and banks

A hacking collective, connected to Anonymous, has dumped details about the banks and accounts of politicians online.

TeamGhostShell said that it managed to get all the details in some fairly major hacks. It said that the move was a protest against banks, politicians and to avenge the hackers who have been captured by law enforcement agencies.

The leader of TeamGhostShell, DeadMellox, reported the hack through a tweet. The details include account details of banks and politicians which were found as part of a program called ProjectHellFire. More details will apparently follow later.

He or she wrote that more releases will be carried out as part of collaborations with Anonymous and others, plus two more projects are still scheduled for later in the year.

The hackers have also claimed that they are in possession of “three different access points” to millions, probably billions, of databases from a Chinese mainframe. They also claim to have turned over the US stock exchange mainframes and Department of Homeland Security.

The files are found here  and there.