Hacker to release Norton source code

A hacker called ‘Yama Tough’ has announced that he will post the full source code of Symantec Corp’s Norton Antivirus software.

Yama Tough has been releasing fragments of the source code from various Symantec products along with some fairly damaging emails which indicate that the Indian government was snooping on America and China.

Norton had to give its source code to the Indian spooks in the hope that it could win some lucrative government contracts. However, the spooks left the code on their servers where it was found by Yama Tough.

According to Reuters Tough will will release the full Norton Antivirus 1.7Gb source code on Tuesday.

It is a moot point how damaging the leak will be for Norton. Theoretically if hackers know Norton’s source code they can work out ways to disable or attack it. While Norton is one of the most popular antivirus scanners, knowledge of how it works will not help hackers much.

What is more damaging for Norton is that its rivals will get a free look at what its product does and improve theirs. The AV market is very competitive so any ideas about how to make their products different will only help. Thanks to the hackers, they can see what Norton is up to and come up with something better.