Hacker reveals Miss Scotland hopefuls

Remember when hackers changed The Sun’s online lead story to a yarn about Rupert Murdoch dropping dead? News Group claims they took user data with them too.

News International’s customer data director, Chris Duncan, warned thousands of people that “some customer information from competitions and polls was breached,” writes the Guardian. He told users that no financial or password information had been compromised.

Among the breached data was the Miss Scotland contestant list, as well as a football competition sponsored by Wrigleys. 

Some details have been leaked to Pastebin, including a statement from someone identified only as Batteye. Batteye doesn’t appear related to LulzSec or Anonymous – but then, even LulzSec or Anonymous are not really related to LulzSec or Anonymous. 

The statement welcomes breaching corporate websites to expose how poorly cared-for customer information can be. It ends: “We will begin today be presenting to you, various files obtained from The Sun, a company within the News Corp group. We will continue, then, by exposing the world for what it is; a less than perfect place where we cannot trust those who we ask to protect our information.

“We will continue, until the list has been exhausted, or until the world and man kind realises that we must change how we go on.”