Hacker floods takeaway with chickens

An Aussie chicken fast food outfit is probably regretting annoying an employee who had some computer hacking skills.

Scott Evan McCormick was thoroughly hacked off when he quit the Red Rooster fast food restaurant in Indooroopilly after a row with his boss. Apparently he went home muttering something about “stupid cluckers” and wanted to stuff the business over.

According to the Queensland Times,  the hacker ordered more than $67,000 in chickens by breaking into the joint’s systems. He sought revenge by accessing the stock-ordering system remotely.

The 23-year-old ordered $67,732.73 of chickens from five separate suppliers to be delivered to the franchise. If they had turned up, the restaurant would have had more chooks than a factory farm.

Fortunately for the restaurant, a supplier wondered why there was such a large amount of chickens ordered by the Indooroopilly branch and got on the blower to check.

The Indooroopilly branch cancelled the order before it was delivered.

Inspector Knacker of the Yard swooped on McCormick and hauled him in by the beak.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard McCormick worked at the store for 18 months. The court is thinking about what to do with him.

It is not clear what the disagreement is about but we doubt he has had his chips, and will probably get a poultry sentence.  

Even the coppers think it was a harmless prank.  Of course  in the US his chickens would come home to roost and he probably would have been fried.