Hacker blackmailed women and teenage girls

A hacker who it is claimed broke into more than 100 computers, used the personal data he found to blackmail women and teenage girls into sending him sexually explicit videos, coppers claim.

US prosecutors told AP  that Luis Mijangos, 31, of Santa Ana, will face charges of extortion. Currently he could face a maximum federal prison sentence of two years which strikes us as a bit light for a country which gives children lethal injections.

US attorney’s spokesman Thom Mrozek said the scheme was eleborate and required some serious technical proficiency.

Mijangos found victims on peer-to-peer networks and sent out files disguised as popular songs that contained malicious computer code.

The malware infected the victims’ computers and was passed to their friends’ and relatives’ machines in the form of infected instant messages, authorities said.

He would search computers for sexually explicit or intimate images and videos of women, or hack email accounts and, posing as some victims’ boyfriends, asked them to make pornographic videos.

Occasionally, Mijangos was able to remotely turn on some victims’ webcams to catch them in “intimate situations.”

Mijangos contacted some victims and threatened to distribute their sexually explicit videos to their computer contacts unless they made additional videos for him.

Of course eventually one of his victims called the cops.

When the FBI knocked on his door Mijangos claimed he hacked the computers at the request of the victims’ boyfriends and husbands to determine whether the victims were cheating on them.